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The Listings

I have tried my best to organize all of the schools offering free applications into separate categories. These categories are linked below. Please note that while some applications can be filled out for free on each college's website, others need to be submitted via the Common Application. The fee will still be waived for those schools.

If a question mark is next to a school's name, this means that the school appears to allow students to file for free, but it has not been confirmed. In such cases, please be sure to check with the college's admissions department to find out if there is a fee.

Disclaimer: Each of the following lists are subject to change. They are listed here because my research shows that they do offer free applications on-line. As with everything in life, things can change, so schools listed here as offering free applications can start charging at any point. Always do your own research in order to make sure you will not be charged unexpectedly.

Free On-line Applications (General)

Free for Legacies and Siblings

Free or Reduced for International Applicants

Free During Certain Time Periods

Free If Student Visits Campus

Free If Submitted During Campus Visit

Free with Alumna/us Recommendation

Free in Special Cases

Reduced Fee On-line