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It is well known that the cost of attending college in the United States rises every year, making it ever harder for the average American student to receive an education beyond the high school level. It is entirely common for top schools to charge in excess of $40,000 (USD) a year for tuition; even the traditionally "affordable" public four- and two-year colleges continue to raise their prices.

For many families, even paying the application fees can be an immense burden. Fees at some schools are reaching $70 (USD) and over, meaning many students end up selecting the colleges they will apply to not based on whether they are academic matches, but instead due to who has the lowest application fees.

In response to this, I have put together this website to help other students and families avoid these large application fees as much as possible. By using the links to your left, you will be able to find literally hundreds of colleges and universities that you can apply to for free or a reduced charge using certain approved methods. This typically means applying using a college's official on-line application, though in some cases waivers can be obtained easily for paper applications as well.

Best wishes with your applications!