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About the Site

I started putting this list together in July 2005. There was a thread at a pretty popular college discussion bulletin board where people were listing some colleges that offered free on-line applications, and I realized they were missing so many great schools. Rather than keep adding colleges to their list as I came across them, I decided to make my own. Eventually the list became so long and popular that I decided a proper website was in order. And so, this was born.

Free College Applications, with its very creative title, now receives up to 1,000 visits per week during the peak application period in spring and has helped countless students and families save money on applications. Interest has particularly grown as high school guidance counselors have begun to promote the website to their students. Additionally, many PTA/PTOs have featured it in their newsletters, and college admission tips websites often link here.

I am so glad to see what a wonderful resource this has become, and I encourage all of you to help promote free applications as much as you can!