Frothy Nothing: History

When I saw that Brandika was putting the Dada fanlisting up for adoption, I leaped at the chance to apply for it. Dada had been one of my most coveted fanlistings for a long time, and owning the fanlisting would give me a good excuse to create the Dada fansite I'd been meaning to make for a long time. Fortunately, my application was successful, and the fanlisting officially reopened at its new home on May 20, 2009, after being under Brandika's care since November 13, 2008.

As I told Brandika in my application, I first encountered Dada works through a major Surrealism/Dada exhibition that was hosted by the Wadsworth Atheneum in Connecticut, where I am a museum member. I was about 17 and came home with an armful of Ernst, Duchamp, Ray, and Arp prints to plaster all over my bedroom walls. I was hooked! I've since visited every Dada exhibition in my area, as well as several in Boston and New York, and read many books about the movement.

My love has also been greatly deepened by my study of post-World War I history, which is my favorite historical period, and the general sociology of the period in Europe in particular. I see very clear ties between movements like Dada and Surrealism with other major movements that are dear to my heart, including existentialism and later philosophical traditions. Dada has a habit of poking up in everything that captivates me.

I hope that the history-in-the-making of the website and fanlisting involve educating people about Dada, perhaps even exposing them to it for the first time, and – of course – gaining lots of members for the listing. I warmly welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have to contribute.