What Is Dada?: Influence

The ideas behind Dada led directly into the development of other movements, including Surrealism, modernism, post-modernism, culturejamming, and social realism. The irony of the American Dadaists factored heavily in the development of absurdist comedy, showing Dada's influence across many mediums.

Dada artists also developed many techniques still employed in art today. Dadaists developed the modern form of collage by taking the ideas Cubists had regarding assembling different shapes and expanded it to include compiling miscellaneous items from everyday life. A variant of collaging developed by Berlin Dadaists included photomontage. Dada in general was very focused on the idea of assemblege and bringing together different items to create single works.

Marcel Duchamp contributed one of his own special methods to the future of art. As explained by Wikipedia, Duchamp "began to view the manufactured objects of his collection as objects of art, which he called 'readymades.' He would add signatures and titles to some, converting them into artwork that he called 'readymade aided' or 'rectified readymades.' One such example of Duchamp's readymade works is the urinal that was turned onto its back, signed 'R. Mutt, titled Fountain, and submitted to the Society of Independent Artists exhibition."